Mlock 125

Modular Clamping System
The Mlock_125 is a unique workholding system, cleverly
engineered to enhance the production of one-off parts and small series.
It’s simple design and comprehensive capabilities allow it to have a
big impact on setup times, precision and versatility while
maintaining great reliability and low cost

Fast Setups

With 1 second needed to go from closed
to fully open the Mlock_125.SL single
station clamping system is lowering setup
times while increasing spindle up time.

Small Series Optimized

The Mlock_125.DUO is the low volume
high mix optimized version of the
Mlock_125 platform, configurable as two
100 mm stations or a 225 mm single
station while being compatible with the
Mlock_125 Jaw System for maximum

Size Optimized

The Mlock_125.SLIM is the size optimized version of the Mlock_125 platform, using a slimmer and shorter base with a movable fix jaw support to allow for flexible workholding on small travel machines or space sensitiv setups.

Fast Adaptation

Different standard types of jaws are
available to allow the user fast adaptation
to any workholding scenario.
see the catalog for more info on the
Mlock_125 Jaw System

High Power

The screwless wedge design generates
over 50 kN of clamping power with high
reliability, repeatability and feel while
distributing down force on the movable
jaw to enhance clamping precision.

Zero Point Ready

With zero point system ready as a
standard the Mlock_125 integrates with
ease in any existing production system,
like any modern modular workholding
platform should.

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